Reflexite Retroreflective 10 year DOT-C2 Tape 11" Red/7" White 2" x 50 yard Roll
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Reflexite Retroreflective 10 year DOT-C2 Tape 11" Red/7" White 2" x 50 yard Roll

DOT-C2 2 in. x 50 yd. 10 Year Reflexite Retroreflective Tape 11 in. Red 7 in. White
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Reflexite Conspicuity 10 year material is composed of cube corner (microprism)retroreflective elements integrally bonded to a flexible,smooth-surfaced, tough and weather-resistant UV-stabilized polymeric film. The prism surfaces are coated with a vacuum deposition of aluminum to provide a mirror surface to the prism facets.The resulting tape is not more than 0.008” thick and comes with an aggressive high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive.


  • Withstands brushing off of dirt and grime, and high pressure washing. Polyester based film resists cracking & lifting. Will retain reflectivity even after impact against loading dock or abrasion by chains.
  • Unique, single-ply construction ensures impact & abrasion resistance and easy application.
  • 0.008” thickness resists dirt accumulation typical of competitor’s thicker (0.025”), open-cell construction. Material is extremely thin so there are no raised edges that can catch and tear.
  • Unlike competing conspicuity materials, Reflexite® conspicuity material features 100% adhesion, with no grid lines that can fill with water and cause premature adhesive failure.
  • Super-high brightness & wide angularity: 10-year pattern. Typically 1000 candlepower with tremendous long sight distance performance; reflects at all applicable angles on the roadway.


Specification Compliance...

  • ASTM D4956
  • ASTM D523
  • ASTM E810
  • LS300C
  • FP92
  • Oralite® (Reflexite®) Retroreflective Tape...
  • NHTSA 49 CFR, Part 571
  • DOT-C2 (applicable to 2” only)
  •  FMVSS 108